What is Alert Enrichment?

The same thing as Event Enrichment icon smile What is Alert Enrichment?

As Network Operations professionals with experience reaching back to the dawn of the commercial Internet, we strongly believe in the Alert Enrichment philosophy.

old noc oval 300x289 What is Alert Enrichment?So just what is Alert Enrichment you ask? It is the process of classifying alerts and enhancing them with pertinent information with the goal of accelerating remediation efforts. Enrichments typically include the name / contact details for the person / team associated with the alert source (application, server, router, switch etc), as well as any known steps for triage and remediation.

For example, an alert arrives from a Network Management System (NMS) denoting the failure of a critical interface on a router. Upon receipt, we add escalation and remediation to the alert and forward it to the Network Operations Center / on-call engineer responsible for the alert source.

As a general rule, by inserting this highly pertinent information into the actual alert, mean time to repair (MTTR) is dramatically reduced, your NOC folks will send you cookies, and the world becomes a better place.

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Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Event Enrichment.

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